About us - Colour Me Salah


We believe prayer is taught through curiosity, bonding and lots of play! 


Prayer - a gift between generations

Salah is one of the five pillars which cement the foundational faith of each Muslim and sowing the seeds of its importance in our young ones is a beautiful inheritance we give as parents. And those who pray, "Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous." 

Weaving between the pillars at the mosque as we played with our friends, innocently riding the backs of our parents during Salah, and trying our hardest to imitate them performing their prayers - are all lovely memories we look back at with fondness. These were the memories we shared with our parents as we navigated the world of faith. This is the sentiment that Color Me Salah aims to convey, by allowing your child to create their own fond moments with you, as they learn the importance of Salah.


We like to keep the fun! 

Colour Me Salah was started as an innovative way to teach children the importance of prayer, while maintaining the wonderment of childhood curiosity and marvel! Offering a variation of designs and allowing your child to colour in their very own unique prayer mat, we aim to cultivate a sense of personal interest into Salah. We want to keep sparking the conversation, while ensuring your little ones keep their spark of fun!


Quality Material

With meticulously selected premium grade materials and constructed with utmost care -we strive to produce the finest quality products for your child. We want to deliver affordability, without compromising on quality! 

Quality Learning 

What’s better than playing, having lots of fun, and learning along the way? As your child explores their creativity, we aim to nurture their motor skills and foster a sense of genuine affection for Islam. Your child’s imagination should have no bounds, and neither should their love of faith! 

Quality Time

There’s nothing more endearing than the precious moments spent with your little ones, and we aim to preserve these cherished memories! Our products are all about allowing your child to discover the beauty of salah and exploring their creativity- but most importantly doing so with you, right by their side!